Hardware - MMC Drive Interface... who can make this mmc for me?

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15-05-2005, 11:16

Hello i have an SCC catridge, but im not a technical person. who is avaible to make MMC Drive Interface for my scc catrdrige...of cours i will pay this all costs and shipping costs. Or somebody will sell his scc cartridge to me..
pls help me. i would like to use this hardware for backup..

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29-05-2005, 23:50

I have talked with a person that have made the SCC MMC cartridge and he told me he will not make another one because it takes lot of time to do and it is a very difficult process. Maybe someone can sell to you, if he have already made it. But you can contact will Leonardo Padial, he is making a like-professional board based in this project, but by the way, there is no SCC option. Maybe he will include dual card option. I have seen this board and I think is cool! Smile

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30-05-2005, 00:13

Is the Sunrise CF unit still around/avaliable? That is another othion, that isn't a self build.

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30-05-2005, 00:23

I think Sunrise is still selling CF cartridges; this is a cool option too, but Padial boards seems to be more powerful becase runs disk programs without any problems (Microcabin ones for example)... well CF cartridge seems to work with HDDEMU and back-ups from original Microcabin disks too... but I must to check it. With the Padial board you can use the SD card like a diskdrive, and you can format the drive at different sizes. The 4mb flash of the board can contain the disk software or ROMs.

Hey! CF is great too... I am happy with mine and I use it every day Big smile

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30-05-2005, 01:36

Yes, Padial is going to produce a batch of MMC interfaces with proffesional quality. It features two MMC connectors, useful if you want to copy stuff from one MMC to another.

The problem is that the software do not support this seccond MMC slot and it only can format MMC cards on turboR computers (MSX1/2/2+ can read/write them but not format). But it is just a software problem. I hope that sharksim fix the compatibility issues as soon as he gets the Padial board model.

I have already ordered to Padial one of these interfaces.

PD: Ah, and still waiting a CF from Sunrise.

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30-05-2005, 02:13

I have arleady ordered one too!

When you receive the CF you will have lot of fun with it, sure. Wink