looking msx-software LaserVision Videodisc player LDP-1500P for msx

Par elements

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24-06-2005, 21:54

Hello im looking MSX software or commands for the sony LaserVision Videodisc player LDP-1500P for msx (through rs 232 interface of this item)
Doest excist some msx software of this item?

can i use my ide-rs 232 interface of sunrise for this item?

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Par djh1697

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25-06-2005, 21:24

There appears to be one on ebay, for sale on ebay.nl item number 5212036899, it appears that it is an RS232 interface, although I cant read dutch, the interface appears to be for a Sony HB900

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25-06-2005, 21:58

elements: you can only control it with the program that is built in in the Sony HB-G900P. It's manual is online, you can see teh commands there.