WTB: Manbow 2

Par Shou

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27-06-2012, 10:43

Looking for a boxed Manbow 2. Please let me know how much you're asking via PM.

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Par uroko-sakanabito

Master (151)

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27-06-2012, 19:06

Hey, what is a normal price for this game (boxed / complete?)

Par Akiguchi

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27-06-2012, 19:32

I think it was sold at about 20 euros as a new, but since it's sold out I've seen a few got sold at about 70-100 euros each in Ebay.

Par Jorito

Mr. Ambassadors (1803)

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27-06-2012, 21:03

I have the game and would be willing to sell it. Feel free to contact me through my profile here a MRC and make an offer.