Looking for king valley 1 & 2 + castle + F1 Spirit

Par The7mirrors

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26-07-2012, 21:07

Im Looking for king valley 1 & 2 + castle + F1 Spirit
Any good offers ?

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Par Reintji

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26-07-2012, 22:22


Selling two versions of F-1 Spirit on my eBay

Small boxed version without manual and one normal sized (EU) box with manual and SCC switch. Or make me an offer!

Par daniel683104

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27-07-2012, 11:50

Hi I have the F1 spirit and the KV2 sent you a link in witch I have some pictures and prices (it´s in spanish but is easy to understand, just the picture and name on the game and the price. If you are interested let me know at

dcorreaib at telefonica.net