Is Tetris II Special Edition still available anywhere?

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Par fernando.collazo.5682

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24-07-2015, 17:27

Some time ago I sent a message to one of the makers, Marco Rossin, and he sent to me a copy of the game by e-mail. Perhaps you can try too.

Par evulopah

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24-07-2015, 20:40

Well, I have a complete copy with dongle in mint condition. Bought it in 1996 in Zandvoort or Tilburg.

What do you offer for this game?

Par TheKid

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25-07-2015, 15:11

@MicroTech: I'm interested also, could you mail me the diskimages too ?

Par Paulo Volkova

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25-07-2015, 17:08

MicroTech, can you sent me too the DSK images? My e-mail is:
Thank you very much.

Par TheKid

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25-07-2015, 17:20

o yeah, mine is :)

Par sd_snatcher

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25-07-2015, 19:37

Please sent it to me too: sdsnatcheralpha at that big mail service from Google.

Par AxelF

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26-07-2015, 16:48

Thanks guys, my (Broken) first disk is repaired now Smile

Par MicroTech

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27-07-2015, 09:51

Hi everybody,
I'm going to send you all the disk images asap.
Thanks for your interest!

Par TheKid

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27-07-2015, 16:47

Maybe a dumb question, but why is this game called special edition ? Was there a prior release that was just called tetris 2? And if so, what is so special about it? (btw, it's a decent tetris clone ).

Par mars2000you

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27-07-2015, 17:05

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