Philips VG 8235/20 dead disk drive

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Par snout

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16-02-2003, 13:50

HMmm I don't think that will work. You _could_ however, try and find an LS-120 (superdisk) drive. It's an IDE device very much like ZIP, only it can store 120MB on one disk. Nice feature it also supports old floppy disks, about 5 to 6 times faster than normal. With this device, you should even be capable of reading and writing 1.44MB disks on MSX.

Par Grauw

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17-02-2003, 18:48

I found out I still have a spare NMS8245 ROM. It looks like the original one (with Philips sticker on it), but I'm not sure if it's a 'fast' one. Anyways, it should suffice. So if you still need an 8245 DiskROM... Give me a shout.


Par LaFey

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07-03-2003, 00:27

I still haven't change the disk drive... (If you see the state of my computer room you'll understand why...) Maybe next weekend. One thing that's keeping me from doing it right away is that I still haven't found a clean solution to connect the pin's cables - I'm thinking of using the normal PC disk drive ribbon and separate each wire indvidually then somehow plug them on the MSX side - this "somehow" is what's bugging me. I'm not sure about soldering them - but after I pop the computer open I'm sure a solution will present itself. Big smile

As soon as I have it working I'll give you guys news here - and possibly I'll write a little howto in my trailing edge tech site as well.

Grauw: My prayers have been heard! I am interested in that ROM. Please contact me at

Par Hydrae

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11-02-2016, 17:45

I'm posting a follow-up (thirteen years later) on this topic because it's the first post that showed up in Google, and because I want to offer help to fellow MSX users. It's a known fact that MSX VG-8235 disk drive belts tend to wear out over time, known symptoms are the infamous "Disk Offline" error message. I have two Philips VG-8235 MSX2 computers and both suffer from this problem with the built-in 360kB FDD.

It's hard to find replacement parts for the drive belt simply because the demand for these belts is too low. But, after a tip from a helpful French guy, I managed to find a fitting belt, and this way my MSX stays in original state.

The link for Belt 8 (diameter 80mm) is:

Also, there is an option to modify your VG-8235 to a 720kB double sided FDD. The kit includes a disk drive, a diskrom chip from a NMS8245 and a cover plate. It comes with a manual how to resolder the cable wiring.
The kit can be found on eBay by seller doctor-msx.

Happy MSXing!!

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