poke-1,170 - virtigo

poke-1,170 - virtigo

par poke-1,170 on 11-02-2013, 20:05
Sujet: Music
Étiquettes: chipmusic, MSX-Audio, MSX-MUSIC

MRC regular and VJ poke-1,170 surprises us with an EP filled with MSX music. This is the first EP created on the MSX to be released by the renowned US based chipmusic label 8bitpeoples, whom you might know as the organizers of the famous blip festivals. All six tracks on the EP were written in Moonblaster using MSX-MUSIC and MSX-AUDIO, in a style and sound that's very unique to the MSX.

The EP can be downloaded for free from poke-1,170's biography page on 8bitpeoples.com.

Relevant link: Virtigo

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Par riquet

Master (181)

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11-02-2013, 21:06

Strange but I like it Smile

Par poke-1,170

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12-02-2013, 00:02

well you know what ? I like it too Smile

Par J-War

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12-02-2013, 15:16

Very good indeed ! Congratulations !!

Par SolidEric

Champion (332)

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12-02-2013, 17:23

Very nice!

Par nerlaska

Master (166)

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12-02-2013, 17:34


Par poke-1,170

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11-03-2013, 22:07

old news Wink

Par igal

Master (217)

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21-04-2013, 23:55

Excellent Music. I love it Smile

Very impressive effects.

@Poke-1,170: Can you distribute the Moonblaster files ? Smile2