What other Retro Hardware do you own?

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Par yzi

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05-05-2013, 21:10

In addition to various MSX machines, I have: (thanks to Marq's relentless efforts)
- Amiga 500
- Amstrad CPC 6128
- Atari 65XE
- Commodore 64

Planning to get, preferably sooner than later:
- Amiga 1200
- Atari ST
(- Spectrum maybe!!!?)

Par Colemu

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07-05-2013, 21:17

Some serious collectors here! WOW!
I forgot to include my stuff in the mix. I'll try and remember:-
-C64 (old Breadbox model) - model with internal uIEC/SD, a connector for loading tapes from PC instead of the C2N, Composite Video/Audio out and switchable rom (Jiffy DOS, CBM DOS),
-Amiga 1200 - with 32MB expansion, SCSI interface and 40MHz processor, 20GB harddrive,
-Microvitec Monitor (multisync) - displays all Amiga 1200 video modes,
-Amiga CD32 console,
-SNES with switches for PAL/NTSC, Cart Protection ON/OFF - and SD card interface (Cart)
-Playstation 1 with Smart Cartridge
-Playstation 2 with built in 350GB harddrive
-Philips CDI210 with Video Cartridge (what a lame duck that was!)
-Spectrum 128k (toast rack model - Sinclair/Not Amstrad) with DivIDE SD card interface and other stuff,
-Gamecube with Quoob Pro mod chip fitted,
Several PC's - some very old, here are the ones with ISA slots (qualify as Retro):
-DOS 6.22 only PC with ISA Roland MPU-401, 3DFX Voodoo 2, ISA Soundblaster 16 (opl3), AMD K6-2 500,
-Windows 95 PC with Internal ISA OPL3 card and attached Yamaha Midi Wavetable card, Voodoo 5 and Pentium 3 800MHz CPU,
-Windows XP PC about 2.8GHz I think (haven't used in a while) Pentium 4 with ISA Sound card (OPL3 with Yamaha Wavetable Midi Card),
-Roland MT-32,
-Roland MT-100,
-Roland SC-55st (Sound Canvas),
Loads of old (working) PC motherboards, and bits (CPU's, memory, Video/Sound cards etc).

Used to have loads of other stuff, but had to sell. No room, and the wife was threatening to kick me out!! oO

Par JohnHassink

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07-05-2013, 22:36


Par poke-1,170

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08-05-2013, 00:38

5x amiga 1200
6x amiga 600
amiga 500
amiga cd 32
commodore 64
commodore 128
commodore vic 20 (2 types)
atari 2600 (black)
atari 2600 (2 versions)
atari 2600 junior
atari 7800
atari 600 xl
philips g7000
mattel aquarius
oddyssey 2001
oddyssey 2100
cpc 464 (2 versions)
comx 35
sharp twin famicom
sega megadrive (2 types)
enterprise 128


philips nms 8220
philips nms 8250 (2 diskdrives)
philips nms 8280
philips nms 8245
philips nms 8020
panasonic a1
panasonic cf 2700
sanyo wavy 23
daewoo dpc 200
sony hb f9p
sony hb 75p
sony hb 201P (black)
sony HB 201P (white)
Yashica YC 64
mitsubishi mlf80
canon v20
toshiba hx10

and a whole bunch fo pong consoles and old handhelds with CF display

Par GuilianSeed

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08-05-2013, 15:34

Panasonic MSX Turbo-R FSA1GT x2
Panasonic MSX Turbo-R FSA1ST x2
Panasonic MSX2+ FSA1FX
Panasonic MSX2+ F1A1WX
Panasonic MSX2+ FSA1WSX
Sony MSX1 HB501F
Roland SC55
Moonsound, HX-MU900, CF, Megaflash SCC +SD


PCE Coregraphx & PCE Duo
NES Us & Euro

Par mtn

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10-05-2013, 02:01

C-64 with IDE64(v4.1) /4gb compact flash, uIEC/SD, Jiffydos, dual sids, "chroma/luma svideo fix-mod", also have some other hardwarez for the 64 like CMD Ramlink, Xetec Lt Kernale scsi-controller, acceleratorboard, drives and what not..
C-128DCR, VIC20, Amiga 1200, Amiga 600,
Dreamcast w/ VGA-mod, sdcard-mod,

Par JohnHassink

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10-05-2013, 13:01

Is PS2 already retro, then? Smile
In that case:

Par x-nen Aivalahostia

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10-05-2013, 21:06


Par Turrebo

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10-05-2013, 22:12

Recent retro:

PS2 (fat, chipped, network/IDE interface)
PS2 (fat, unmodified, network/IDE interface)
GameCube (unmodified, bought it for Final Fantasy, which turned out to be awful)
Gameboy Advance (transparent blue, ugly as sin, bought it for Golden Sun, which was awesome!)

Older stuff:

Commodore VIC-20 (with the VIC-1020 dock, unmodified 1540 drive, VIC-20 datasette)
Commodore 64 (with upgraded 1540 drive)
Commodore 128 (with 128KB expansion)
MSX2 NMS 8250 (as yet unmodified, but not for long)
Acorn BBC Micro (with on-board word proccessor ROM, haven't tried it yet)
Atari 1040 STf

I *had* an Atari Mega STE with all the bells and whistles, but I gave it away. I really regret that now, but I had no choice as my attic was bursting. I have a much bigger attic now, but that Atari is gone forever... It was a beautiful computer [sigh] Oh well, life goes on.

Par Donderjager

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30-05-2013, 18:01

I have a few computers

MSX2 NMS 8245
MSX2 NMS 8255

Amiga 500 and 1200

Furthermore i have :Snes,Nes,N64,Gameboy ,Gameboy Color,Gameboy Advance (SP),NDS,Gamecube,Wii,Sega mastersystem,Sega Megadrive,Sega Gamegear,Sega CD,Sega Nomad,Sega Dreamcast, Sega Pico (pokemon), PS1 PS2 ,PS2 TV (KLD 22PX300) PS3 , Xbox Xbox360,Philips CDi tv ,Atari2600,C64,Philips Videopac,Bandai Wonderswan,Neogeo Pocket en 40 different Game & Watch handhelds.

I also have a few consoles used for game development: PS2-DTL H10000 ,H30002 ,H30102, a Xbox Debug kit and a few debug disks ,containing a debug disk with a unreleased game on it for Xbox (The Kore Gang).

There is also an box of goody's underway witch i bought on my vacation to Japan

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