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Par ericb59

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13-04-2015, 20:34

Is there a list somewhere with all sofwtare compatible with the Moonsound ?
If not, can you tell me which games/sofware use the moonsound ? (Personally, I don't know a lot of them...) Smile

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Par Manuel

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13-04-2015, 20:45

Par Randam

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13-04-2015, 20:49

Is there any reason why there are no music disks on that list?

Par Manuel

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13-04-2015, 21:19

Probably because we didn't try to put a (complete) list of music disks in GenMSX yet... we focus on commercial software and games first.

Par ericb59

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14-04-2015, 07:06


The list is very tiny !
I was thinking much sofware use the moonblaster... oO

Par meits

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14-04-2015, 12:45

Damn Moonsoft/Sunrise combo starting all they made for music start with Moon because of Moonsoft...
Moonblaster is a tracker for MSX-Music and MSX-Audio, Moonsoft made it, and because they made the tracker for the first OPL4 soundcart they called it Moonsound.

Blame Remco Schrijvers for the confusion Wink

There are quite some tunes written for the soundcard, but they mostly went into demos and musicdisks... Like this one for instance... But ehr, it's not finished yet and was planned to celebrate dal-so-ri... Maybe it'd fit your release more now :D

Par Imanok

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14-04-2015, 13:39

Adding games to the list:

Hajiku Mania
Hajiku Mania Twins
Tataku Mania
Bubble Rain

Par RobertVroemisse

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15-04-2015, 09:11

@Meits: Wow nice video. These disks look really great and the music sounds fabulous too! What a great initiative!!!! Are there really over a 100 moonsound songs by Jan-Lieuwe Koopmans, John Hassink, Meits, Ruud van de Moosdijk, Jorrith Schaap, Tristan Zondag, Hans Cnossen, Bart Roijmans, Danilo Danisi and me on these disks? This is really a must have! I almost get a bit emotional just thinking about it.

@ Everyone: Thanks for reading my shameless plug for Dutch Moonsound Veterans. Tongue

Par Manuel

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19-04-2015, 23:00

Imanok: added the MoonSound to the Bubble Rain and Cat'n'Mouse releases on GenMSX... Can you give me more info on the other titles so I can add them with the proper information?

Par syn

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19-04-2015, 23:20

There is also a private beta of MS2, a relatively new tracker for moonsound /opl4 cartridges.

I am a beta tester myself and its is rather userfriendly (didn't took me too long to get used to it) and it is progressing nicely.

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