Floppy disks that stop being writeable?

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Par meits

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18-07-2016, 12:12

So you can save stuff in basic. You should try a sector copier and copy a disk - which you could format - to it.
About the usb diskdrive: I had the same thing a long time ago. It worked for a while and then it became picky until it didn't do its job anymore. That gave me the last puch I needed to abandon the complete FDD system and go to mass storage.

Par Manuel

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18-07-2016, 11:27

wyrdwad: all of that doesn't explain why the disk can't be formatted in the MSX anymore.
Changing your USB disk drive will not have any effect on the capability of your MSX to format a certain floppy, right?

And now picky mode:
- MSX-DOS does not "boot a ROM on floppy". MSX-DOS boots the bootsector code. Whatever is in there depends on the floppy contents... In general this has nothing to do with ROMs and unless you have a specific ROM crack made by a cracker, ROMs are not on a floppy disk, at least not in that format.
- Vampier means Single Sided, not Single Density. Those are completely different things. But I think you already understood that.

Par Poltergeist

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18-07-2016, 11:45

Never mind...

Par RetroTechie

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20-07-2016, 23:09

1) Have you tried cleaning r/w head of the USB floppy drive? (and perhaps the MSX'es too)
2) How were these disks stored? Laying flat, or standing vertical? In the latter case, the disk itself may sag over time into an 'egg' shape, such that tracks aren't nice & circular but 'wobbly'. It's possible that drives are better at reading existing data than laying down new tracks in that situation.

Oh an btw... using HD disks as DD is generally not a good idea imho. Sad Regardless what's done to make it work.

Other than that: try as many different combinations of disk / drive / software you can. That usually helps to narrow down the issue. Somebody else's old PC with 'real' floppy drive, maybe Linux fdformat command, ...

Par hamlet

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22-08-2016, 01:18

Same happen to me when I used HDs. Most of my 2DD are readable today, no one of the HDs is. It is the different density I guess, they run a while, than became lack.

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