MSX Meeting Nijmegen 2017 experience

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Par hamlet

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22-01-2017, 19:53

It´s CX5Mer on his journey across europe. You know him for his witty contributions. I miss his bag on that picture.

Par Wolverine_nl

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22-01-2017, 20:19

He wasn't talkative, but he said he had a cx five years ago and also now, thats all the info i got over at the coffee corner.

Par LaDolceDols

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22-01-2017, 23:05

My first time in Nijmegen, but hopefully not my last. MSX. Boy, did I spend lots of time on that machine, and boy like a ghost I disappeared from the scene (but there's a story to it, but I only understand it myself since yesterday). Yesterday was a kind of a return for me, although I really don't know what the scene is about right now. I now know I really missed some people who are in it. Kind of a cathartic experience and a realisation how disconnected I was from my youth since I left the scene. It was good to see you guys, Jan-WIllem, Jorrith and Ramon, it was great to see you. And it felt kinda strange; seeing each other again after so many years of being disconnected. Manuel, thanks for organizing this, keep it up. John: great to see you again dude, too bad we didn't talk more to review our lives of the past 15 years. THat's for next year. Thanks everyone. Rieks, Mister Vroemisse, Turk, I missed u guys.

Par Manuel

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22-01-2017, 23:56

AxelStone wrote:

I love this photo:

Keeping alive your hobby forever :)

That's actually Hans Oranje and his wife. Hans did loads of MSX stuff, look for "HPN" or "Hardware Partners Nederland" in the old magazines... Great that he's still going strong! One of the people that keep HCC MSXig alive.

Par gdx

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23-01-2017, 01:18

Nice pictures but there are not enough pictures of the exhibited material.

Par The_Engineer

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23-01-2017, 11:45

Great MSX meeting this year.
I really enjoyed the unexpected FutureDisk crew reunion.

Big thanks to Manuel for organizing!
Ray and Ray did their usual great job on the quiz (who knew that the player sprite in StarQuake has a name?).

Hamlet took a nice picture of the official Dutch Konami Quarth champion.

Par hamlet

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23-01-2017, 15:25

Welcome back, LaDolceDols!
I also enjoyed the meeting. Nice to meet all the forum members in real life, also meet Hans, who helped me a lot without even knowing me, to restart with MSX. Greetings also from my co-workers, who couldn't join. Happy you like the pics!

Par meits

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23-01-2017, 19:23

Got more pics? I couldn't be there and I like to see as many pics as possible Smile

Par Manuel

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23-01-2017, 22:41

Moar pics:
And my own pics should be on MRC soonish.

Also, hamlet, what is that Nano-MSX box?

Par Louthrax

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23-01-2017, 22:57

Great fair again, way too short again!

That picture from CX5Mer was a consequence of my shameless failed attempt to get the name of Boulderdash main character during the Quizz. I selected the game but couldn't launch it as my TV's volume was stuck at max volume, CX5Mer just launched that a while after the Quizz I guess :)

Also enjoyed that Alexey's picture, had the same fish-joke in mind when I saw it, wondering what MSX-related thing he was talking about for real (a MIDI keyboard maybe ??).

Once again, I arrived with the intention of not buying too many things, once again I failed: magazines from Manuel, awesome MSX posters from Hamlet, the Midi-PAC v2, another cool MSX 1 machine from Bas... Darn :-) !!

Also specially enjoyed talking about non-MSX related things like gravitational waves and raising bees around some beers :RNFF:

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