Yamaha SFG-05

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30-01-2017, 22:25

Hi all! I'm wondering what software exists that supports the SFG-05 sound module? Is there a list somewhere? Interested in anything - trackers, sequencers, sound editors, demos, games...

Is it compatible with other FM solutions for the MSX, e.g. MSX-MUSIC or etc.?

I have a US CX5M-II/128, so NTSC. The machine is set up in my home music studio and I've been using it a little to interact with other MIDI synths. I want to go further. Big smile

Sorry if this is kind of a basic question, I'm just getting into this architecture.

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30-01-2017, 23:26

Well, doing an advanced query on generation-msx with soundShocked!pm should return all the software tagged with support for the Yamaha music modules. But for some reason it does not work.


But as far as I know it is mostly software from Yamaha, so you may have a look at the software they developed:

For a give software entry, look at the "Information" tab under Sound for OPM.

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30-01-2017, 23:27

that should have read:

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30-01-2017, 23:59

There are no games for the SFG-05, alas. Only some music-making software from Yamaha and a few others. It's not compatible with any other MSX sound extension (at all).


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31-01-2017, 00:03

Here is pretty complete list of software for this extension:


Only thing I noticed to be missing is the VGMPLAY by Grauw

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01-02-2017, 23:23

Sandy fixed the problem with Generation-MSX. To see the list of software tagged with OPM click this link:


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02-03-2017, 00:26

There's a DOS2 music player for X68000 music files by AIN (of MGSEL fame) which requires SFG-01/05 to work.

It's called "MXDRV".

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02-03-2017, 11:35

MXDRV is not only a player but a driver with a complete toolkit to create/convert/play MML music with Yamaha sound units