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05-06-2017, 22:18

It is stiff and noisy, so it results inaccurate and annoying

Par merlinkv

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17-01-2022, 11:12

Hi to all.

I know is an older thread, but I have one Competition Pro Retro DB9, and I'm very interested to do the two buttons mod for MSX.

There is pics or mini tutorial available?


Par _ThEcRoW

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21-01-2022, 13:08

Well, i can only post my experiences with the original competition pro, and it was awful to play with it. I ended with my hands aching because of the bad ergonomics and have to switch hands constantly because the pain. I used it on amiga as well as on msx and for me it is the worst joystick ever designed. If you like sticks, go for a arcade one, like the telemach 200 and you will be in heaven. If sticks aren't your thing, then a megadrive pad with joymega-like adapter and let the enjoyment begin!

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