The Big Other Platform Versions of MSX Soundtracks Thread

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Par Grauw

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07-09-2017, 00:06

A bit of the opposite of the thread topic but I’ll drop it here anyway: gyabuneko’s Dragon Spirit arrangements for OPLL + PSG

They sound really good! It really shows off the OPLL (and PSG), such a nice job…

Par ren

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11-11-2017, 16:33


And when you're done, go listen to some Gauntlet IV.. ;-)

Par wyrdwad

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11-11-2017, 20:31

Since Ys III was brought up, I feel inclined to mention the oft-maligned SNES/Super Famicom version. Most people hate the music in that version because the soundfont is very unnatural and "whiny" compared to any other version of the game, but I think I'm one of the very few people who really enjoys it -- it's actually my favorite among all the chiptune versions of the Ys III soundtrack.

The reason for that is partially because of its soundfont (whiny or no, it's VERY dynamic, with a lot more bass and much harder hits to it than any other version save for the remake Ys: The Oath in Felghana), but also because of Tonkinhouse's very unique arrangements.

Illburns Ruins, for example, has a sweet new bass line that I really love:

A Searing Struggle alters the intro section with a brand new melody that almost sounds like Spanish brass or something, which I find really interesting:

Steeling the Will to Fight and Beat of Destruction both put a much heavier emphasis on the background music than any other version, which I think works to both tracks' advantage. Beat of Destruction, in fact, kind of swaps the foreground and background melodies, which is particularly interesting to me:

And my favorite Ys III track, Seal of Time, has some new brass hits of its own during the chorus (0:30, for example), which I really find to be a nice touch:

Additionally, Tonkinhouse composed several completely new tracks for the SNES version, all of which I find to be quite good -- with their new ending theme in particular being one that I really like:

I dunno, you all might hate this music too, like most people seem to. But I figured I'd at least share, because I really feel the SNES Ys III music is underappreciated.

* * *

Moving away from Ys III, one game that I've found really fascinating to compare versions on is Rune Worth. Like Fire Hawk, that's a game where you can play any version and get basically the same experience, as nothing was really cut or lost from one version to the next (except kanji in the text, which some versions use and other versions do not, but that's pretty minor), and the music is pretty solid on every port. However, even though I find the instrumentation in the MSX2 version to be a little more basic than I'd like for OPLL... I have to admit, I like every track CONSIDERABLY more than its PC-88 counterpart! The PC-88 versions just lack all impact, I feel.

Here's the MSX soundtrack in full:

And a few choice PC-88 tracks for comparison.

Elise's dungeon (29:05 in the MSX video):
Ramaskael forest dungeon (28:07 in the MSX video):
Final dungeon (24:54 in the MSX video):
Main theme (1:36 in the MSX video):

And as a bonus, here's the main theme in the Sharp X68000 version of Rune Worth, which I actually think sounds... kind of bad! (skip to 1:50)

Also, a three-way comparison of my favorite track from the game: the main town theme used in Holy Saia Kingdom.

MSX version (my favorite): (skip to 5:16)

PC-88 version (I really like the addition of big, thunderous drum hits after each phrase in this one, which I could see making some people prefer it to the MSX version): (skip to 3:17)

X68000 version (my least favorite, but still has some unique percussion that makes it notable, as well as a way "fancier" chorus): (skip to 3:23)


Par JohnHassink

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11-01-2018, 14:24

Arcus II on PC-88 (OPNA), good competitor to the MSX2 OPLL version

Herzog Zwei, sequel to Herzorg on Sega Genesis with a lot of the same music

King's Valley II music in Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin

Snatcher, PC-88 version. Most will probably prefer the SCC sound

Yaksa intro on PC-88

Par FiXato

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11-01-2018, 15:51

Ben Daglish's Krakout on C=64 imho sounds quite a lot better than Krakout on MSX, especially as the MSX version seems to lack in-game music.

I'm still undecided about Daglish' track for M.A.S.K. III: VENOM Strikes Back though... The C64 version sounds richer,
but the MSX version might still be my favourite for nostalgia reasons. Gameplay wise I feel we got shafted by getting a lousy Speccy port with its unnecessary colour clash, rather than the improved C=64 experience, where the masks actually look like masks, the levels scrolled, and which I think had a couple more masks. The MSX version does look a bit more challenging though. Both versions suffer from a lackluster anti-climatic end screen though. ;)

Par FiXato

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11-01-2018, 15:53

ren wrote:


That Starship Rendezvous PC-88 soundtrack is pretty awesome :D

Par ren

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11-01-2018, 18:54

FiXato wrote:

That Starship Rendezvous PC-88 soundtrack is pretty awesome Big smile

Ha, glad you like it Smile

Yeah, personally I first had to acquire taste for the MSX soundtrack (glad I did Wink), and then the PC-88 (OPNA) version, which is even better IMO.

Btw, a nice custom Gauntlet IV playlist: Gauntlet IV / ガントレット (MD/Genesis) selected works. I mentioned it, because I was listening to it, it's really good, and it's from the same team B-)

Par TomH

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11-01-2018, 19:39

I'm not sure it's a better version, but the Gameboy soundtrack to Robocop is certainly more prolific.

Par Samor

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23-01-2018, 16:48

JohnHassink wrote:

Snatcher, PC-88 version. Most will probably prefer the SCC sound

I think even Kojima does....

Par JohnHassink

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23-01-2018, 18:43

Wow, very good point, Samor. That can't be coincidence. I play(ed) that game on PS3 so I never even saw this. Shocked!

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