For sale : SONY HitBit HB-F1 II - MSX2 - (with 220v PSU)

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31-10-2017, 20:06

I agree that it _should_ be the normal price for rarish basic MSX2 + step-down power supply, but it's 2017 when loose common Konami cartridge costs 50 Euro or more... Unfortunate truth is that this past years pricing is getting very rare nowadays, unless you take a look on the (still) very common Philips MSX2 models.

Price level in Japan also for total junk has risen a lot during past two years :-/ I have seen some uncommon MSX2 models sold for similar prices or even more than A1GT.

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31-10-2017, 20:34

I've been looking for a compact MSX2 for some time. I can see MSX 2 Panasonic A1 starting at not less than 100€ and european Philips in not the best cosmetic condition being more expensive than this Sony, and it's (for me) nicer than the others. I must say p&p has been very reasonable, as most of the times sellers ask 30-40€. And I must say that I wanted it as soon as I saw the cursor keys. I'm not collecting computers, the idea of play MSX2 games with a similar keyboard of my MSX1 is a great plus for me Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

I'd like to know more about this machine, if it has good a/v quality for example. I think the speed slider is not for turbo and just yo slow it, right? It has a rom with programs, is it a problem to use MFR or similar hardware?

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31-10-2017, 22:31

(Not that there’s anything wrong with collecting by itself…)

The slider is for autofire (on space bar and joystick trigger). If you want to use MegaFlashROM SCC+ SD, make sure to get the version with 512K extra memory, since DOS2 requires more memory than most Japanese MSX2 and MSX2+ computers have.

As for AV, it has an RGB output for the best video quality possible.

Here’s the wiki page:


When keeping the Y and P keys pressed during boot, you will get a scrolling list of the development team followed by a digitized voice saying "It's a Sony!".

Nice :).

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01-11-2017, 00:10


I'm curious abut the european power brick for this machine, i have two msx2 HBF1 and one HBF1II but only a japanese power brick for these machines...

Where do you got it? :-) it was custom made?


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