parallax games?

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Par Vampier

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16-12-2015, 22:21


Enlighted (6891)

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16-12-2015, 22:22

A cartridge e.g. using dsk2rom would be perfect.
My disks are almost broken

Par JohnHassink

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16-12-2015, 22:24

If the original disks are deteriorating, a 'digital' version should be archived for posterity.

Par -Neo-

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16-12-2015, 23:22

Thanks all for your reply. As you already contacted Cas I won't ask double. I hope he replies to you (with positive news). Please let me know what the outcome is. Thanks.

Par Akiguchi

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16-12-2015, 23:29

I have the .dsk versions of at least Akin, Blade Lords and Magnar in case if you're interested.

Par Grauw

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16-12-2015, 23:31

Despite the age of these games, let’s first try the proper / legal approach shall we? Smile

It would be a huge asset to the MSX community if the Parallax games would be legally available again.

Par ericb59

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17-12-2015, 07:02

i'm ready to give a second life to Parralax's games !
If the authors can contact me, it will be a pleasure to publish the games ...


Enlighted (6891)

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17-12-2015, 07:08

I have the original disks of Akin (from Sunrise)
Can I have a rom version?

Par Bastiaan

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17-12-2015, 07:26

I think Sunrise tried to re-release the games on cartridge, so maybe this is a good time to ask Cas again....
I am still interested in these msx gems!

Par wyrdwad

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24-10-2017, 11:05

Reviving an old topic here, but has anyone found any further information about these titles? I'm particularly interested in Akin -- I hadn't even considered attempting to play it these past two years, as my MSX2+ is a Japanese model with only 64kb RAM and I don't like using emulators (I prefer the authentic experience!).

But I recently picked up a "Musical Memory Mapper" cartridge off of eBay that increases my available RAM by a full 1024kb, and while a lot of European games still seem to crash and burn when I attempt to play them with this (BASIC programs tend to crash with Syntax Errors immediately on startup, and the one Future Disk title I tried, "Sir Dan," just hangs on the Future Disk logo forever), I was really shocked to load up Parallax's "Core Dump" promo... and have it work like a charm!

And if Core Dump runs on my MSX2+ with the Musical Memory Mapper, I'm going to assume Akin will probably run as well -- and Akin is a game I've been wanting to play for a long time now!

Only problem is, Akin is virtually impossible to find at this point. I would gladly buy a copy of it if one were available, but even if my only option is a .dsk set, I'd love to be able to give the game a try, and at least confirm whether or not it even works via the Musical Memory Mapper cartridge.

Any information anyone has would definitely be appreciated!


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