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14-02-2019, 11:45

Hey all - back in the MSX world after an absence of 30 years or so. I just got myself an NMS8250 and want to get back into coding (basic & assembler). I plan to use OpenMSX to do the actual development, and wanted to use a dump of my own ROMs (I understand that's the "done" thing). So, question is: can I use the Megaflashrom as a "normal" type drive to exchange files with my PC (via the microSD), and is that then limited to DSK files only or can I actually address individual files (like a .BAS) directly? I'd like to download a copy of GETROM.BIN and then pop it onto the microSD and then just load it onto my MSX, dump the ROMS, save them to the SD card and load them into my PC. Is that easy as pie or tricky?

Thx in advance!

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14-02-2019, 12:37


I have a MegaFlashROM SCC+SD and yes, it's perfectly possible to read its SD card contents on a PC without any special software. Long file names may give you some trouble, though, so I try to avoid them. You can in fact access individual files normally.

However, I'm not sure whether system ROMs dumped with an MSX program can be used on openMSX. You'd be safer getting a ROMset for your specific machine.

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14-02-2019, 12:59

Thanks so much Parn! That's good to know!

Re the ROM image, good to know, I thought I had read it was possible, but if not, then I'll just need to find a ROM set.

Thx again!

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14-02-2019, 20:22

It is definitely possible.

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22-02-2019, 20:39

Thx Manuel. So, sorry, before I bite the bullet, I want to confirm it can act like a "proper" diskdrive. So, if I boot up and hold 3 to go into msx-basic, I could address the SD card like it were a normal drive? Like I would be able to bsave, bload etc to/from the cartridge?

I read the manual, but it doesn't really clarify the above for me.

What I'm really after is an easy way to exchange files with a PC...

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22-02-2019, 21:03

It's like a huge floppy disk. If there's dos, you get dos. If not, you go to basic. If you get in dos, you can go to basic manually.
The µSD card is FAT16. Windows understands that.

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22-02-2019, 21:42

Great - thanks for confirming!