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23-02-2019, 22:02

Hey all - back in the day I bought MCBC and did a fair bit of (simple) programming with it. However, that was like 30 years ago. Just now I inserted the disk and it still works (hurray!). Issue is, I totally forgot how to use it. Compiling etc. I have been browsing some of the online PDFs from MSX Club Magazine, but can't seem to find some basic (no pun intended) instructions..... So question is: does anyone know where I can find a manual?

Also, whilst I'd like to get into assembler (did a bit of that when I was a youngster, but the most I accomplished was moving a sprite about on the screen with my joystick!), I thought it would be good to get my feet wet again and write a little game in basic and compile that with MCBC. Or would folks recommend another path?


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Par Thom

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24-05-2019, 18:44

I've found the manual:

It's written in Dutch though and to be fair: it ain't easy to use. I could try to scan the manual and put it on or send it to anyone else willing to host the pdf, but I would need permission of the original authors (MSX Club/A. Van Doorn).

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24-05-2019, 19:43

Does the manual has the same content as the manual i have:

Not sure if this is the manual of version 1 or 2.

Par Thom

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24-05-2019, 21:38

It's partially the same. Some parts are missing, such as the other CONTROL-programmes available. The manual you've uploaded is probably older, as it mentions non-working instructions which are listed as working in my manual (most notably DATA).