Does anyone have empty spare MSX cartridges for sale? (Ideally from Konami)

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28-01-2020, 20:27

Hi everyone...

Does anyone have empty spare MSX cartridge cases for sale? In decent condition if possible...
If they were from Konami games it would be amazing. If no, where could I lead my steps? I saw some korean blogger which sold modern coloured ones... But it was too far and "too" korean ^_^; And I could also detect the posts were kind of old now...
I'm around Barcelona and surroundings.

Thanks in advance!

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28-01-2020, 22:06

Those colored ones are available now as well, and they are very good. But for small quantity it would be expensive (the shipping goes high).

I have few cases from Konami games for you (two if i remember correctly) but the condition is rather bad. Though, if you are interested, i may arrange handling those to Ramon from Spain at Nijmegen fair (if he don't mind of course), then you just have to cover the shipping expenses to him (or meet him maybe), you have them for free - i have no use of them, just keeping because my hand can't throw them out Smile
My email dedoogun(^email symbol^) but we can agree here in forum as well Wink Just let me know

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29-01-2020, 01:24

This is real nice! Even the cases might be somewhat "battered" I have some uses in mind for them, no problem!

Expect a private message from me soon, thanks!

(Anyway I'm still open to other people spare cartridges, if ever Smile )

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02-02-2020, 08:52

If you are looking for cartridge cases new. Try Eric Boez his WEB Site and contact him by mail.

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02-02-2020, 13:51

I have printed one with a 3D printer (pink)