SVI-CAS Image Player Initial Announcement

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Par hamlet

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28-05-2021, 05:59

Thanks Romsey!

Par Romsey

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26-01-2022, 13:32


For anyone who may be on the fence and still considering an SVI-CAS, the following advancement of the product were completed before Xmas, the user manual is still to be updated to detail the new functionality, but I'm on it.

New Updates:

- The inclusion of full cassette support for the Atari 8bit line, this support also includes recording capabilities that permit real-time SIO FSK conversion to Atari specific CAS images, SVI-CAS can be safely daisy-chained to the Atari SIO BUS without interfering with disk drives, etc.

- Further UI refinements and enhancements.

- Full re-working of the recording algorithms which now allow the following to be generated in real-time from various host computers:

(1) MSX CAS images at 1200 and 2400 baud
(2) SVI 318/328 CAS images
(3) Tandy CoCo & Dragon CAS images
(3) BBC micro / Electron UEF images
(4) Oric TAP images at 2400 baud
(5) Amstrad CPC CDT images at 1000 and 2000 baud
(6) Atari 8bit CAS images
(7) ZX81 'P' images
(8) ZX80 Ó'Images
(9) ZX Spectrum TZX Images
(10) Commodore Images are still as per the Commodore TAP standard as they were emulator correct in the first place.
(11) Generic recording mode still exists to allow for custom protocols as well as providing playback & record support for other micros.

This thus allows your own recordings to be loaded directly into various emulators if so desired, as well as allowing them to be read and processed by various image handling tools.


Par MaxNaughty

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26-02-2022, 01:43

Hi, how do I order one of these?
Mark :-)

Par CASDuino

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06-03-2022, 19:05

MaxNaughty wrote:

Hi, how do I order one of these?
Mark :-)

Contact Romsey via email at

I did email him a few weeks ago but heard nothing back.

Par BananaPie

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12-11-2022, 00:14

Are these still available? There is no reply to the email.

Par alexito

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15-11-2022, 17:08

Duncan (ROMSEY) email is working. He's busy trying to fix C16/Plus4 Compatibility right now.
Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

Par Wierzbowsky

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16-11-2022, 12:59

Moreover, the new version of the device now supports ROM/BIN/BAS loading directly from the SD card with the code from the Caslink project.

Par sdsnatcher73

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16-11-2022, 13:19

Wow, that is a cool feature!

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