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Par edoz

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05-10-2021, 21:40

The Z80 is not an protected CPU, so yes you can Wink


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05-10-2021, 21:47

PingPong wrote:

interesting... can you draw graphics in windowed mode? (without switching to full screen)
What kind of video mode is used in that situation? the symbios one?

No, and i'm not planning to do so. (would require a lot more code and as the BASIC is anyway what it is, spreading the code outside 64kb bank is not easy.) The "video mode" is a buffer X(bits) *Y in RAM... The exact format and byte count depends of the target screen mode if you need speed... If speed is not important then OS will do the conversion for you.


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05-10-2021, 21:49

ren wrote:

But does it run Fin Lander [retroDesk™] ?

Wait until I get loading and saving to work :)


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05-10-2021, 22:15

S0urceror wrote:

I see you use almost 64kb. Do you have the whole patched basic kernel plus workarea running in 1 process? Would love to hear more technical details how you achieved this.

Yes, it it is all the same process... As you can see I have two processes, but the other one is emulating the MSX interrupt process.


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05-10-2021, 22:29

@Wolf_ before you ask: Processes that share the same data area (are loaded on same file) can easily share information trough memory. They both have their own stack and you only need to take care that their execution is not mixed together. (quite a rare problem)

Par Manuel

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05-10-2021, 22:30

NYYRIKKI, you keep amazing us with the things you achieve! Love it!

Par sd_snatcher

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05-10-2021, 22:45


Par RvS

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05-10-2021, 22:53

Windowed Basic. I never thought I would see that on the MSX.
Very nice work indeed.

Par thegeps

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06-10-2021, 00:47

LoL, only you could have thought such a thing! Great, man!

Par gdx

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06-10-2021, 01:55

There must be many limitations but the concept is fun.

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