NEW Simple MSX BASIC game: Space Mines

Par Pineapple

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22-12-2022, 23:02

Here's a little (just over 2K) game I made.
It's not the best game, but it's playable...
This was essentially just an experiment in optimization for both speed and size.

Try it here:
Space Mines Game and Source

Use arrow keys (UDLR only) to move the ship.
Collect the "targets" before they become Mines.
Try not to die.
Enjoy all 4 game variations!

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Par DamnedAngel

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23-12-2022, 00:14

Very cool! Smile

Nice concept! Thanks for sharing!

Par jepmsx

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23-12-2022, 11:40

I like the idea. And I've always wondered how to do a control move like this and now I can learn it from your code.

Thanks for sharing!

Par gdx

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23-12-2022, 14:20

A few remarks:
- I like the concept.
- Mines always spawn in the same places.
- If we leave the ship always in the same place, we can have the maximum score (if we are very patient because the mines also appear on mines already in place).
- On some MSX, an error message appears on line 180 when pressing a key.

Par JohnHassink

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23-12-2022, 17:59

It's hard! Or I'm just not so good. But it's fun! And especially the bumper modes made me smile. Smile
I'm surprised by the relative amount content (even 4 game modes and sound) in only 78 lines. That looks like very efficient coding to me.
Thank you!

Par aoineko

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23-12-2022, 22:08

A little too hard, but a very interesting concept.

When you look at the BASIC source, it's hard to believe that there is not a piece missing ^^

Par ray2day

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24-12-2022, 20:15

Nice! Very very nice!

Par thegeps

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26-12-2022, 02:16