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Par sergiovl

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17-03-2015, 01:47

Hi rolins!
Who created this "NeoGeo to MSX joystick adapter"?
I'm looking for this adapter but not finding anything.

Par mikoto

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20-03-2015, 16:09

He writes that he made it himself. It is a very simple project since there is no encoder in standard MSX and Neo Geo controllers so it is litteraly just a box of wires. 7 wires should be enough for MSX with 2 buttons. So it is a great project if one wants to build. It'll be a lot more work to make it look pretty and slick then to actually build the insides of the adapter.

Par sergiovl

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20-03-2015, 17:23

I Got You. I am looking for to create an adapter with the same JoyMega that has the possibility to use all the buttons but I will have to study the functionality of the NeoGeo joystick to do this.

Par LaZar0

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21-03-2015, 14:29

Interested in golvellius 2 if it is complete. david.abril22@gmail.com

Par Grauw

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21-03-2015, 14:31

Look at the first post date, 2009… Also rolins writes:

rolins wrote:

Sorry, everything was sold.


Par jotapeg

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22-03-2015, 12:16

I'm interested Golvellius 2. jotapeg@ono.com

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