Favorite PSG (only!) game soundtracks top 10

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Par JohnHassink

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22-05-2009, 15:17

I'm curious for yours Smile
Remember, I'm talking about games with PSG music only. Wink

For me, in no particular order:

Ancient Ys - The Final Chapter (Falcom)

XZR II (Japan Telenet)

Higemaru (Capcom)

Hydlide 3 (T&E Soft)

Yurei-Kun (System Sacom)

Aliens (Square)

Treasure of Usas (Konami)

Youma Kourin (Nippon Dexter/Falcon)

The Roving Planet Styllus (HAL Laboratories)

Ninja 2 - Ashura no Shou (UPL/HAL Lab.)

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Par Hrothgar

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22-05-2009, 15:39

Several Gremlin titles come to mind, such as

Masters of the Universe (He-Man)
Auf Wiedersehen Monty
Venom Strikes Back

Indeed also Usas and Ys 2.

I have good memories of some Dutch masterpieces such as
Hard Boiled
Topografie Wereld

Undoubtedly I'll pollute the topic with more entries as I think of other games.

Par wolf_

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22-05-2009, 16:42



(well actually, I'm rather fond of our upcoming MSXdev entry as well ^^)

Par Hrothgar

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22-05-2009, 16:44

@Wolf: MP3 or it didn't happen Tongue

Par wolf_

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22-05-2009, 17:04

wait for the release to happen.. Tongue

Par SolidEric

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22-05-2009, 18:40

Breaker (msx2) Radarsoft
Mr. Ghost
Venom strikes back
Aufwiedersehen monty

Par LeandroCorreia

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22-05-2009, 18:49

Amaurote - The most atmospheric song I´ve ever heard in an MSX. By far, David Whittaker´s best work in any envelope system IMHO.

But also, in no particular order...

Astro Marine Corps, Hundra, Xenon, Venom Strikes Back, Auf Wiedersehen Monty, Star Dust, Titanic, Yuurei Kun (cute and comic), Star Soldier (a song that turns a simple shooter into an epic battle), Xybots, Obliterator, The Goonies, Zanac, Golvellius.

And I´d also say Seleniak , but it´s a too short song... Sad Overall, games from the last MSXDevs are quite good in terms of sound. Smile

Par [D-Tail]

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22-05-2009, 18:55

Oh, oh, Vampire Killer!

And let's not forget the in-game music of Deep Dungeon, majestic!

Par konamiman

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22-05-2009, 18:56

In random order:

Gal Force
Mr Ghost
Don't Cock It Up (it has only intro music but it rocks!)
Vampire Killer

Let me think on some more... I'm sure I have played more good PSG-only games!

Par Leo

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22-05-2009, 20:07

fire hawk
psycho world
valis 2
Dragon slayer 6
aleste 2

Par msd

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22-05-2009, 20:08

Family Billiards!

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