Par caver99

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05-09-2009, 19:52

is there anywere to get a full msxdos disk from, i only have the stock msx2

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Par losje

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10-09-2009, 23:39

What do you expect?
As far as I know you only need to put MSXDOS.SYS and COMMAND.COM on a formatted floppy and off you go...

Maybe I got the question wrong...

Par caver99

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17-09-2009, 23:26

I have now formatted a blank disk with msxdos and copyed the 2 files accross abd it will boot just fine, but seeing as it is very much like the pc version msdos i was thinking/wondering if there were more command progs to go with them like msdos but i could have all this wrong and there is only the 2 files and just commands like basic.

Par Yukio

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17-09-2009, 23:35

The COM files are most of the time the OLD CP/M files, Microsoft MSX-DOS is partially compatible with CP/M.


Those files are optional.

There are some *FREEWARE* for MSX like text readers and text processors available on the NET. Maybe you could get some COM files to use with MSX-DOS.

Or maybe you wanted the commercial disk with the MSX-DOS TOOLS.