anyone played through Illusion City english? Anyone got till the end?

Par XakFreak

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26-11-2009, 01:43

Since the game has you swapping back and forth from the later disks back to 2 I'm thinking, maybe the ending might be on disk 1 or 2 and maybe it might be in English.

Currently playing through the english disks, game is fantastic. Really really good, too bad the last 2 disks were not made available, even in Portugese it would be at least semi playable "(

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Par jepmsx

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10-09-2020, 13:31


I played till the end about 25 years ago. I followed an FKD walkthrough that they published. I have been looking for it by I cannot find it.

But I have found these video in youtube that is the walkthrough for the Sega Genesis CD version

Enjoy it

Par Ivan

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10-09-2020, 18:16

I have just recovered this file from an external hard drive:


It is an English translation of the storyline once published somewhere (decades ago).

I hope it might help you!

Par jepmsx

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15-09-2020, 15:49

Thanks a lot for the translation. It's good to read the whole story in one piece.


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15-09-2020, 15:52

Thanks for this translation Ivan!

Par sdsnatcher73

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15-09-2020, 18:35

I wonder if anyone could pick up where the original team left the project. Or if that is not possible just start over with the translated script. I would gladly pay for such a translation in the same way as project Melancholy for SD Snatcher!

Par Randam

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15-09-2020, 20:21

I would gladly work on Illusion City since it is my favorite game by far. At some point I would love to work on it. But a bit many projects at the moment.