What is the best game/demo or 2-player-game to show to a non-MSX friend?

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Par Imanok

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25-07-2010, 18:01

Don't forget about "Be Bop Bout", a really cool card fighting game!

Par Gakubuchi

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12-04-2012, 12:43

Note: If there is someone still looking for "Bombkura", it can be found on MSX-Fan#11!

Par faxerpelle

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12-04-2012, 14:08

JohnHassink wrote:

OMG. How could I forget...

Quite some years ago already, a bunch of ('amateur' - doesn't mean 'bad' as we, MSX fans, already know) Japanese developers called 'Delta-Z' distilled (God knows from where) a full bottle of:


...and poured it into the mould of a fighting game...

...they called it...

Fighters Ragnarök (YouTube footage)


Yes, it's for 2 players. :)

Is there any chance to find (buy) this game anywhere? It looks so great I would love to try it now that I own MSX 2+ for that! B-)

Par Akiguchi

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12-04-2012, 15:00

I've been also trying to search Fighters Ragnarök, but I can't find it anywhere as an original - or not even as a disk dump.

Par hap

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13-04-2012, 10:38

Maybe you can get help on IRC, channel #msx on Rizon network. BA-team

Par fiteblog

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13-04-2012, 12:25

I always recommend RaiRai. It looks cheap, but it's really good for multiplayer. Strange bomberman clone.

Par LeandroCorreia

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13-04-2012, 15:07

Seriously that no one mentioned "Warroid"?

Besides Warroid, my top 2 player games for MSX are: F-1 Spirit, Super Runner, Warroid, Penguin-kun Wars and many Konami sport games.


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13-04-2012, 16:30

Fighters Ragnarök looks awesome
Is is still distributes or sold ?

Par BlueCrystal

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13-04-2012, 21:39

If you want to show a friend a fun 2 player msx game, as the TS asks, I'd go for super runner. Fast paced, scrolling and a real versus game.

Par Kai Magazine

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23-11-2014, 00:30

I just ran across this old post while I was looking for something else (a trilo tracker basic replayer, a MuSiCa basic replayer, or any other SCC+PSG basic replayer) and I want to add (for those who ever run accross this forum in the future, looking for 2 players cooperative games) that a nice game to play and show on the msx2 is "NUTS"

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