Is there a keyboard tester?

By Wild_Penguin

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25-02-2018, 15:49

Hi all!

I was just wonndering, is there a keyboard tester?

This would be useful for situations where a particular MSX has problems with the keyboard, and the user wants to see which keys are working and / or if the repair attempts has been succesful.

With search I can find several discussions here where making a general diagnostics software and/or hardware is discussed (which would include a keyboard tester), but the lack of such is noted.

(after a quick test with openMSX, it seems all (?) keys produce at least some reaction in basic, for example select causes keyclick sound; but is this true?)


By roadfighter

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25-09-2022, 13:23

Lets BUMP this one, I also am looking for a way to test a keyboard.
The main problem i have is with a Panasonic Keyboard film that is not reacting as it should.
There has to be a way to test if all traces (addresses) of the film/keyboard respond.



By Daemos

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25-09-2022, 14:58

Do you need something that returns the pressed keys in screen? I believe something like that already exists otherwise I can quickly code something together.

Does it need to read the special keys f kana etc as well?

By dproldan

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25-09-2022, 16:44

MSX Diagnostics, from Cesar RIncon, has a keyboard testing mode.