[WTS] Various import carts and stuff on eBay

By david.sanders

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05-06-2023, 15:15

Hi All, I've been importing some stuff from Japan to play with ( and then sell on at just over break-even price so my wife doesn't kill me). Obviously eBay charge horrible fees, so if you see anything you like on my shop, I'll knock 10% off immediately if you buy direct (and please feel free to make offers which I'll accept if it doesn't bankrupt me).

Happy to send anywhere for basic postage costs. I'm still getting stuff from various Japanese sites all the time, so please check back often Smile.


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By david.sanders

Supporter (11)

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05-06-2023, 15:16

Oh, also feel free to email david[at]kubology.uk if you want to make private offers.



By MSXcri

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07-06-2023, 17:53

sent mail Cool