MSX Cats on Revision2021

MSX Cats on Revision2021

by ro on 05-04-2021, 13:03
Topic: Challenges

While the MSX scene has the long-running MSXdev competition going, there's also Revision which is an annual demoparty with compo for all computer systems. This year's edition has one MSX2 entry involving some fluffy cats. It's the CaT ArT SyS demo by ThePetsMode.

What would a demoparty be without competitions? Pretty boring. Boredom's not a burden anyone should bare, especially if you're a lazy cat. Lazy cats typically land on the sofa with the intention to stay and get unbothered for a long time. Meeeouuw, just bugger of. Yes, they are fluffy and perhaps cute, but they are lazy, not? Not having the burden of being bored is probably because you've been checking out Revision. From the sofa of course.

Revision is the world's biggest pure demo-scene event with visitors from more than 30 countries, featuring all kinds of computer systems you can think of. Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic Revision is a livestream-only event for this year, just like last year by the way. Rev21 runs rom April 2nd to 5th. Online, that is.

We have seen plenty of MSX submissions for Revision, there's only one entry this year. It's a demo from ThePetsMode called "CaT ArT SyS", featuring... well... cats. Here's the video, if you're that lazy cat.

Relevant link: The PetsMode's CaT ArT SyS demo on pouet
Relevant link: Discuss Revision21 on the MRC board

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By defdanny

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05-04-2021, 13:44

The winner of the "PC Demo" compo "Arcade" makes many reminiscences to the Arcade games era. I spotted many MSX game titles there! Gradius, Time Pilot,.... who finds more ?

Have a look at this great masterpiece!

By ray2day

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05-04-2021, 15:52

Cool! I like it very much! Cool

By santiontanon

Paragon (1639)

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06-04-2021, 00:28

Very nice demo!! And also hopefully it inspires more people to do demos, which are awesome Smile

By Alakran69

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09-04-2021, 10:59

Nice demo! MSX and cats the basis for a happy life!

By Randam

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09-04-2021, 19:36

Very nice demo; hopefully dogs get their moment in the sun next as well Smile