ccz80 3.1.2

by snout on 13-01-2012, 14:55
Topic: Development
Tags: C, Compilers

Among crew members of MSX Resource Center, one of the favorite new features of our redesigned website is the "today's history" block that you will find on the bottom of our frontpage. It's a nice starting point to dive into the archives of our website and remember interesting projects that otherwise might be forgotten.

One of those projects that we haven't been writing about since a long time is the C compiler and IDE for Z80 processors ccz80. Although no new version has been released very recently, a lot of updates were made to the compiler since we last reported about it, so we thought it would be nice to get back up to date. Since version 2.0.5, the following changes were made:

  • Fixed errors when using quotation marks or semicolons in a constant string
  • Fixed functions printf, fprintf and lprintf in Amstrad CPC libraries for writing negative real numbers
  • Fixed bug in the save function for Amstrad CPC
  • Allow clause register for one parameter functions passing the parameter value in register, not in stack
  • Optimization of standard library and specific libraries for each computer fur use of clause register
  • Allow initializing a text string with string instruction
  • Allows constant values of the types byte, word and string as an expresson of constant operands 
  • Allow keywords in uppercase and lowercase
  • Added the ability to create macros with the instruction define
  • Added "/post" option to allow running other applications after compilation
  • Show information about the binary file created
  • New directive datafile to include a binary file in the program ccz80
  • IDE now saves settings in a .INI file, not in the Windows registry
  • Completely redesigned IDE with block select and edit functions
  • Improved formatting of generated assembly code with /asm option
  • Improved syntax checking
  • Included a library for using sprites on Amstrad CPC computers
  • Included a library for using the routines of Fourspriter 1.0 on ZX-Spectrum 
  • And minor bug fixes in the compiler, IDE and libraries
  • Updated documentation and syntax files
  • Switched to .NET framework 4, resulting in a 25% speed gain
  • Installer to quickly set up compiler, IDE and documentation

Quite a lot of changes indeed, and even though this compiler seems to focus mostly on the Amstrad CPC and ZX-Spectrum, this compiler might still prove interesting and valuable for MSX developers. Especially when dedicated MSX libraries start to appear.

Relevant link: ccz80 website