ExecROM v1.2f

by sd_snatcher on 18-04-2009, 23:30
Topic: Development

A new version of ExecROM has been released. New in this version:

  • The /T option to set a specific MSX type for games that detect the MSX version/region, is now executed after the XPC patch is applied. This, because the new routines which the patch has added may also include MSX type verifications
  • The patch routine now updates the megarom size variable if the patch extends the game size

Relevant link: ExecROM

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By Randam

Paragon (1417)

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19-04-2009, 19:43

Great upgrade. This means applying a patch like that one of Gradius 2 has become more convenient for the users.

But what does that first new feature exactly entail? Something like if you use the patch for gradius 2 on a regular MSX 2 the turbofix patch won't be applied but all others can be? Or is it something else?

By sd_snatcher

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20-04-2009, 01:13

Nope, it means now you can use the /T1 option to see how the game would run on an MSX1, or /T2 to see how it would run on a MSX2.

On the previous ExecROM version, the patch was applied after the /T routines, so if you used both the patch and the /T option, the /T would have no effect.

By Edevaldo

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16-10-2017, 04:33

The website only contains v1.2c (1.2c is the directory inside it seems to be a v1.1 or something older). Has anyone the link to the current version? Sources?

By Edevaldo

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16-10-2017, 04:45

Some more information here:


Includes binaries for 1.2e & 1.2f. But source code does not seem to be up to date (1.2a). But better than the source forge site.

By OeiOeiVogeltje

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26-04-2019, 22:51

searching for execrom to run Gradius2 with the .XPS patch
but Execrom doesnt seem to recognise any of my memory expansions such as Projetos 512K Megaram
or Popolons Musical memory mapper

also is this indeed not the latest version to be found on the site

can anyone enlighten me on this?