MSXdev'03 Game Development Competition

by Unregistered user on 13-03-2003, 00:08
Topic: Development

As a celebration of the 20th anniversary of the MSX system, Eduardo Robsy Petrus has started a MSX game development competition.

Entries must run on the MSX systems available 20 years ago, which means a minimum configuration of MSX(1) with 16kB RAM, 16kB VRAM and just PSG. Besides this, games must be in (Mega)ROM format (for use with FlashROM cartridges).

If you want to join, judge or sponsor this competition, visit the official homepage for rules and information. A list of contestants and prices can be found here

Relevant link: Eduardo Robsy Petrus' website

Comments (2)

By Leo

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15-03-2003, 13:15

Very good idea to split MSX1 and MSX2 celebration!
It is challenging to dev only on MSX1.

By snout

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16-03-2003, 16:09

maybe someone can tempt Bandwagon or Lieves!Tuore to return to the scene one more time?