Nowind Update

by Sky_hawk on 03-07-2008, 12:33
Topic: Development

More and more people are receiving their Nowind Interfaces, the new MSX hardware to use your PC harddisk on MSX via USB. Here is an overview of issues and news updates:

  • A bug has been uncovered in the current firmware version that can cause disk-image corruption when images are written too. One is advised to be careful and keep backups for the moment, the issue will be fixed in the next firmware update.
  • The developers have put a Visual Studio 2008 specific version of the usbhost program in the download section of their website. This version lacks a lot of command-line options and works only if you happen to have installed the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (which non-2008 developers usually don't have).
  • Today the developers have updated the executables and added the firmware (which wasn't online in compiled form yet) and blueMSX support libraries. The blueMSX support libraries are intended for people who want to create their own new applications for the Nowind Interface or develop something for the Nowind Interface but do now always have their MSX handy where ever they are.
  • Last but not least, a support thread on MRC has been opened for all your questions and comments!

Relevant link: Nowind

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By Grauw

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03-07-2008, 13:37

nit: *advised

By wolf_

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03-07-2008, 13:39


By Sky_hawk

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03-07-2008, 16:08

works _only_ if.. etc.

By wolf_

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03-07-2008, 16:12

You can also submit news in Dutch, if that's easier for you.. Tongue had to rebuild the whole thing quite a bit already..