SjASM v0.35

by sjoerd on 26-10-2003, 00:01
Topic: Development

There's a new version of the SjASM z80 crossassembler. 'New' in this version is:

  • ASSERT directive to support assertions.
  • DATA/TEXT/CODE/POOL directives to support sections.
  • OUTPUT directive to support multiple targetfiles from one source (eliminating the need to EXPORT lots of labels, to include them in another source, and assembling every sourcefile twice because of the 'forward references'Smile
  • ABYTEC directive because I thought I needed it.

Some more minor bugs were also removed.

Ready for download at

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By msd

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26-10-2003, 17:54

what is the ABYTEC directive?

By sjoerd

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26-10-2003, 18:05

ABYTEC is somewhat like DC from gen (and tniasm). It sets the top bit of the last character in a string, and adds an offset to all characters.
ABYTEC 0 "kip" is the same as DC "kip"
ABYTEC 1 "kip" is the same as DB "lj",'q'|128