BlueMSXBox v4

by Hydragon on 24-05-2010, 17:27
Topic: Emulation

BlueMSXBox is a BlueMSX Emulator port for XBox which has been made by Xport/Madmab Edition Projects. Like fMSXbox, this emulator makes it possible to play MSX games on a Microsoft XBox console. New in this version:

  • New feature "Seconds before playing movie" determines how long the emulator will wait before playing a movie. The default is half a second. This will help speed up rom browsing. Especially useful for people streaming stuff (like movies) across the network
  • If streaming movies from across the network and the user press on the dpad or a, b, x or y the emulator will abort the transfer. This should help speed up rom browsing especially for the larger movies
  • Fixed an issue with the software filters displaying garbage
  • Activated the "Keep user Within ROM Directory Tree?"
  • Fixed up the box/cart art position on a few skins
  • Fixed a problem where setting the box/cart orientation was screwed up

Relevant link: blueMSXBox v4