Emulator updates

by tfh on 13-10-2000, 21:58
Topic: Emulation

paraMSX and NLMSX both have been updated today. paraMSX Features:

  • Changed Korean MSX2 (IQ2000)`s memory layout. (MSX-tutor works correctly)
  • Improved PSG, FM & sound balance.
  • Fixed Launcher`s bug.
  • Added Tape file support.
  • Added ROM-type restoring.
  • Added FPS counter.

New in NLMSX v0.30:

  • Solved a few bugs in the SCC emulation.
  • Solved a major bug that caused a lot of stability problems.
  • Solved some major bugs regarding the online changing of cartridges.
  • Solved frequency problems in the PSG emulation. (Thanks to Samor)
  • Added browsing functionality for disk images and rom images

You can find the files at: http://www.file-hunter.com