fMSX 2.6 released

by snout on 26-02-2002, 14:26
Topic: Emulation

Source: fMSX website

Marat Fayzullin has released version 2.6 of the mother of all MSX emulators: fMSX emulator. There are now seven different versions of this emulator for several (operating) systems. New features in this release:

  • Added separate (and correct) emulation for the i8255 PPI chip.
  • Added masking to lower bits of video table addresses.
  • Added timing and other fixes to the Z80 core (courtesy of Omar Cornut).
  • Fixed line coincidence and VBlank handling (thanks to Vincent van Dam).
  • Save state (.STA) file format has changed.
  • Fixed a bug that messed up screen table addresses when restoring state.
  • Fixed a bug that left dummy memory page dirty when loading GZIPped ROMs.
  • Fixed a -home option bug on Solaris (thanks to Eric Boon).
  • Fixed fMSX-Unix to allow it to have an application icon under WindowMaker.

The release of this emulator aslo comes with some bad news. The MSXPLAYer that was released by ASCII was based on fMSX sourcecodes. Although ASCII and Marat did talk about licencing the code, they never actually licenced the code. Marat thus considers the MSXPLAYer as an 'unauthorized ripoff of my work that is used to gain publicity if not money'. The real, faster and more up-to-date fMSX can be bought at the fMSX website

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