fMSX / MacOS 2.5

by anonymous on 26-08-2001, 17:25
Topic: Emulation

Quote from Richard Bannister's website:

'Today marks the release of a new Macintosh port.New to me, at any rate. I've developed a port of fMSX emulator 2.5 by Marat Fayzullin. John Stiles has already ported fMSX to Macintosh, but he has not updated it since v1.5, and he has passed the torch to me, so to speak. This port is not based on John's existing work, however - it is new code by me.The present release should be treated as a preview release. It is feature complete, apart from the absence of sound. Sound will be included in the final release, which will be available on or before October 1st.'