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by snout on 19-10-2003, 20:33
Topic: Emulation

Today Vincent van Dam released the source code of fMSX-SDL This emulator stays very close to the original fMSX, developed by Marat Fayzullin, but adds better sound and full screen graphics. However, only the source code is available. The Win32 and BeOS binaries are still older versions. So, in order to get things working you'll have to compile the emulator yourself.

Relevant link: fMSX-SDL

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By jpgrobler

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20-10-2003, 06:57


Can someone put hte win32 binary online?


By Vincent van Dam

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20-10-2003, 19:39

I didn't compile a windows binary because all changes that are done on the base fMSX source doesn't impact the SDL port (the changes are done in parts that aren't used by the SDL port). I updated the source-patch because otherwise you couldn't compile fMSX-SDL by yourself.

By snout

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21-10-2003, 02:49

not everybody knows how to compile these things. I don't Wink I'd like to have a Win32 binary as well! Smile

By Grauw

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21-10-2003, 12:57

Well as Vincent said there's no added value compared to the previous SDL version, so there's really no point in having a compiled binary.


By snout

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21-10-2003, 16:23

ah I entirely missed the point of that remark Wink hehe...

By shaiwa

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04-12-2003, 09:14

Compiled it with VC6 because i try to learn C/C++ ... and finaly have compiled a working version (with some little bugs)....
Well,... if you are just a fmsx-sdl user you don't need this new version.
But if you are in programming learning stage (like me) these sources can help you
understanding C/C++ better.