New Dingux-MSX mod: PixaMod

by cax on 06-04-2011, 19:34
Topic: Emulation

Pixador from Dingoonity forum have made a mod of Dingux-MSX. It is based on Dingux-MSX 1.1.0 by Zx-81, but he added the changes from Caanoo-MSX 1.1.1 and some ideas from Cax's mod, besides from adding his own stuff.

These are the changes since Dingux-MSX 1.1.0:

  • Updated the Z80 emulation to the latest fMSX one
  • Emulation of M1 cycles: R register is now fully emulated and cycles are more accurate.
  • Fix sound speed issue - UPeriod parameter in settings menu (from Caanoo-MSX 1.1.1)
  • Adjust max FPS when changing between PAL/NTSC mode (from Caanoo-MSX 1.1.1)
  • Fixed joystick emulation: joystick 2 must not be a copy of joystick 1
  • Fixed color 0 in MSX2 sprites
  • Full color depth in Screen 8
  • Fixed initial memory mapping for ASCII8 and ASCII16 megaroms
  • New megarom type: RTYPE
  • Megarom detection with SHA1 checksum with file carts.sha (based on Cax's mod)
  • Tweaked the built-in megarom type detection to improve its accuracy
  • Added setting to force a specific megarom type
  • FM-PAC is not loaded if FM emulation disabled
  • Sound is shut down when the MSX is reset
  • Render modes: "zoomed" and "fullscreen" (based on Cax's mod)
  • More accurate speed limiter
  • Faster emulation
  • Changed the default CPU timing for Dingux from 200MHz to 300MHz
  • Modified the button layout to have Joy-Fire2 at button B
  • Built with dynamic linking
  • Tiny fix to fullscreen render mode
  • Assigned "Exit" in menu to X button (from Cax's mod)
  • Fixed gfx garbage in menu (from Cax's mod)

You can download it from Pixador's Dingux-MSX page.

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Comments (3)

By Sander

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13-04-2011, 23:40

Nobody uses this? It looks like quite an achievement.

By mtn

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06-04-2015, 16:13

I've been using openmsx on my Dingoo, but Im gonna check this out later sometime Smile

By Manuel

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06-04-2015, 21:39

I'm interested to hear about your experiences.