Vampier videos - massive update

by Vampier on 22-02-2010, 11:19
Topic: Emulation

Dutch flavored US resident Vampier updated his popular YouTube collection in the past weeks, let's have a look at all that's new.

As mentioned, all videos are of great quality: clean audio and sharp pixels. Do you have a suggestion for a game video to be provided by Vampier? Let's hear it, and who knows..!

Relevant link: Vampier's YouTube channel

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By ro

Scribe (4963)

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22-02-2010, 16:43

eindeloos Smile

By RobertVroemisse

Paragon (1327)

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22-02-2010, 18:36

Try Tower of Cabin

By Latok

msx guru (3938)

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22-02-2010, 19:46

Now I would like to see a 'De Sekte' video Tongue

By wolf_

Ambassador_ (10109)

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22-02-2010, 20:44

I'd say.. "The Chess Game MSX2", hardest level.. let Vampier show how to win that game.. Tongue

By Hydlide

Master (171)

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23-02-2010, 10:09

I've put that inside a youtube comment:
- Dragon Slayer IV: drasle family
- Sorcery
- T.N.T

first two I played a *lot*, the latter just seems intruiging, only played a bit with it.

By nikodr

Paladin (750)

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24-02-2010, 13:49

From green beret video
" this first and last konami game for the MSX made in the land of jet set Willy and other enormous uninspired crap games."
I laughed hard with this comment!! LOL!

By muffie

Paladin (933)

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26-02-2010, 16:37

* Montezuma's Revenge
* Hose Diogo Martinez: The Bussas Quest
* Marial Attack

in reverse oRDER.