5th place for TPM's ROBOTTO demo at Revision 2019

5th place for TPM's ROBOTTO demo at Revision 2019

by Thom on 23-04-2019, 22:37
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Revision is a demoparty held yearly on Easter since 2011 in Saarbrücken, the state capital of Saarland, located in southwest Germany. It is organized by the non-profit organization Tastatur und Maus e.V. and a large, international team of sceners.

Revision features several competitions such as the Old Skool Demo Competition. Allowed platforms are any device with a CPU that has a 16 bit or smaller data bus.

The Pets Mode (best known for Hans’Adventure and Bitlogic (with Oxiab Game-Studio)) participated (in collaboration with 303bcn) and their demo ROBOTTO for MSX finished in 5th place.

The results of this year’s Old Skool Demo Competition:

01 C64 – Rivalry - The Seniors
02 ZX Spectrum – The Brexecutable Music Compo Is Over - Hooy-Program
03 Sega Megadrive/Genesis – MD-NICCC - Titan
04 Atari 7800 – 1E78 - Desire
05 MSX – ROBOTTO - The Pets Mode
06 Amstrad CPC – Octopus Pocus - Pulpo Corrosivo
07 SNES/Super Famicom – Hello - BinaryCounter
08 SNES/Super Famicom – SNES-NICCC 2000 - Molive
09 KC85 – Twenty - Moods Plateau
10 Atari VCS/2600 – TRSI 4 Nordlicht - TRSI
11 Amstrad CPC – Gloire à Piou ! - Overlanders
12 Apple II – Latecomer - fenarinarsa
13 C64 – Edison 2019 Invitation - Chemtrailer Boys
14 C64 – the 21st - resource+singular
15 C64 – We are the Chimpions - ZOO

Relevant link: ROBOTTO MSX Demo download submitted by zett

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By Thom

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23-04-2019, 20:56

For some reason the "Gloire à Piou" youtube movie does not start at 37:52 but at the beginning. The same applies for Edison 2019 Invitation. Please use right button and open in new tab, then it's fine. These two demos don't have a separate youtube movie yet.

Gloire à Piou happens to be my personal favorite this year.

By dhau

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24-04-2019, 00:35

#2 is terrible, just pandering to anti-brexit sentiment. Nothing wrong with that, but as an intro it's crap.

By santiontanon

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24-04-2019, 05:10

Gloire à Piou also called my attention, I'm very surprised it ranked that low. I am still trying to wrap my head around how did they manage those smooth effects on a CPC!

By zett

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24-04-2019, 14:15

great demo dudes

By Manuel

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24-04-2019, 22:26

That number one is REALLY impressive... wow. The MSX entry is not bad either! I'm very happy to see an MSX entry in this compo anyway. Good job guys!

By Wlcracks

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26-04-2019, 17:50

The MSX demo is nice!

By max_iwamoto

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29-04-2019, 02:29

MSX demo is way better than 2nd place!