Another new game for MSX: Foggy's Quest for MSX

Another new game for MSX: Foggy's Quest for MSX

by MSX-ALL on 23-11-2019, 12:54
Topic: Software

Foggy's Quest was originally created by Jonathan Caudlwell for ZX Spectrum, the game has been ported for MSX using a tool called Arcade Game Designer (also created by Caudlwell).

Relevant links:
Game page with a link to the tool

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  • Another new game for MSX: Foggy's Quest for MSX
  • Another new game for MSX: Foggy's Quest for MSX
  • Another new game for MSX: Foggy's Quest for MSX
  • Another new game for MSX: Foggy's Quest for MSX

Comments (7)

By santiontanon

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24-11-2019, 21:31

Nice, it looks and moves really well!!

Also, very happy to start seeing new MSX games thanks to the AGD port, very, very nice!!! Looking forward to this! Big smile

By wyrdwad

Paladin (934)

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25-11-2019, 15:25

Can this be downloaded anywhere to play? I don't see any download links or anything at the linked page, but the game looks pretty fun!


By jltursan

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25-11-2019, 18:41

The newspost is a bit misleading, I haven't released yet the final MSX port as the first public release of MPAGD with this version of the MSX engine isn't ready (0.75 has an alpha prototype). Also, seems that the "Robot Rumble" bit has been merged with the newspost making it even harder to understand (btw, it's a great game to port to MSX Smile).

So, to summarize, I've a MSX "Foggy's Quest" more or less ready to download; but I would prefer to wait until it can be paired with the right MPAGD release.

I'm sure that you'll enjoy this version, I've finally added a PT3 tracker+SFX engine (based in the well-known PT3 player+ayFX engine) and now you can add nice music & sounds to your MSX productions. I'll upload a demo showing this very soon Wink

By ren

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25-11-2019, 19:29

Relevant link: Arcade Game Designer for MSX (forum thread)

Yeah I agree, nice use of colors :)

Perhaps you should ask someone to create a soundtrack (title & in-game tune) for it? :)
wolf_ is eager to get creative I believe.. :))

Looking forward to the (final) port!

By Timmy

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25-11-2019, 19:43

Because this AGD thing is going to be mentioned more often in the future, I'm making a note here that the tool is called "Arcade Game Designer" and not "Game Designer" as it is shown in the link in the news post above.

Also, the "Miguetelo" in this news post has nothing to do with this game. His latest game about a bulldozer is called "Dirty Dozer" and it's released on the Spectrum. Not sure if it's released on the MSX but it's likely a different game.

By hamlet

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25-11-2019, 22:00

I deleted the Dirty Dozer part of the news post, which was obviously mixed up from another AGD text.


Resident (39)

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06-12-2019, 16:22

I feel like apologizing for any misleading or incorrect information that has been posted on the "news" above.

The intention was pure, my goals is to promote MSX and anyone who devotes any time to do anything for the platform. It is my attempt to contribute to and support those initiatives.

While I surely failed to research a bit deeper to better inform everyone, I just checked the sources from where I got the information and they were also misled to a certain extent. Add to that some "required translation" and "time constraints", it resulted in this honest mistake which I promise I will work harder to prevent in my future communication.

Beyond that, I've been away from the MSX scene for quite a while, recently returning to my dear hobby and trying to catch up with everything that has been happening in the scene. Everything seems "new" from my viewpoint. I have a lot of new equipment I didn't even connect because I probably don't know how to use it anymore, and I am trying to regain my knowledge about MSX by revitalized the MSXALL List Group (now on Google Groups at!forum/msxall), which surprisingly gained 500+ users in less than a month, and I by using Twitter (@msxall) to obtain and pass-on anything new about MSX. On the flip side, there is a lot of people in the same situation as me, either new to the scene or returning after a long winter. Somehow I feel that I am helping a little bit...

Nevertheless, thank you for the feedback and be patient with your old friend here. I will catch up (eventually) and soon enough, as time allows, I plan to go back to programming so I can also build new stuff for the MSX.