Craftworld Aleste - first release

Craftworld Aleste - first release

by Jorito on 05-12-2012, 21:41
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Earlier we reported on Craftworld Aleste, a level for the Playstation 3 platform game Little Big Planet 2 (LBP2). LBP2 allows users to create their own levels and games, and Craftworld Aleste's creator antikris did an amazing job in creating a new, modern version of Compile's classic shooter Aleste that does great homage to the original.

Yesterday, antikris informed us that he published the first release just last week after toying with LPB2's powerful editor for one and a half year. This first version contains the title menu, the intro cinematic and the fully playable first zone which is clearly inspired by Aleste 2. For a good impression, you can check out the cool movie on Youtube. More content for Craftworld Aleste will be added in the near future.

Craftworld Aleste can be played through the Community menu in Little Big Planet 2.

Relevant link: Craftworld Aleste

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By SkyeWelse

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07-12-2012, 05:11

I played the first two stages last night. Very well done! I especially love the opening and references to the original Aleste, only with Little Big Planet people. : ) And it was refreshing to see Randar powerups? and Compile Logo sound bites throughout the levels.

Worth checking out if you have Little Big Planet 2. : )