Time and time again, Japan shows off how much gaming is part of their culture. Of course, while TV programs dedicated to gaming are common in Europe and USA as well, there is no such TV program as the Japanese GameCenter CX. This TV show features Shinya Arino, famously also known as Kachō. He plays Japan’s most popular games, usually being old retro games and records his playtime under a time limit, usually under 24 hours. He is assisted by several people for support and game play help.

Some time ago, he battled the Falcom game Dragon Slayer IV: Drasle Family. Although he played the NES version, known as Legacy of the Wizard, for us MSX fans this game is so familiar and beloved, it is very much worth checking out the TV item which can be viewed online here. It's very comical!

It is amazing to find out games such as Dragon Slayer IV have a dedicated following. Its BGM has been remixed a lot, here for example, several attempts have been made to remake the game and there is even a nice comparison video online in which all 4 versions of the game are being reviewed.

Relevant link: Dragon Slayer IV on GameCenter CX

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By popolon33

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23-09-2012, 14:34

by the way, there is a new game of "Dragon Slayer" for smartphone :

By BlueCrystal

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23-09-2012, 20:20

The GameCenter CX video does explain why I was never able to finish that game. Never thought it was that insanely hard.

By KdL

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24-09-2012, 00:35

I finished without tricks in past. Yes! Insanely hard but very nice game!! Smile