fMSX/Android 3.6.7

by snout on 02-01-2013, 16:37
Topic: Emulation

In our active MSX Forum, Marat Fayzullin (fms) announced a new version of his fMSX emulator for Android. The complete changelog since we last reported about this emulator looks as follows:

  • Added NetPlay feature, letting users play with each other over network
  • Added "Virtual Joystick Skin" option to change joystick look
  • Made virtual joystick resizable via "Virtual Joystick Size" option
  • Added alternative virtual joystick skin from Miroslaw Kocur
  • Added automatic skip rate control
  • Removed garbage at screen edges in accelerated OpenGLES mode
  • Made display updates even faster by skipping unchanged areas
  • Fixed screen updates in Advanced Settings and Debugger
  • Switched to surfaces for faster and smoother non-accelerated video
  • Further optimized synchronization between Java and native code
  • Made directional joypad easier to control
  • Fixed tactile feedback feature
  • Fixed a Layout Editor problem where a button could go off-screen
  • Fixed legacy wire-frame joystick display
  • Made overlayed buttons stick to the nearest screen edges
  • Made overlayed button cues and keyboard always solid
  • Now stopping native thread on startup, in case previous instance has been running
  • Fixed a crash on the failed license verification attempt
  • Fixed a few bugs in the license verification response handler
  • Made file selector load directory listings faster
  • Cleaned up high-resolution label images in file selector
  • Added file selector labels for new files and MIDI files
  • Removed unused bitmaps from the package
  • Fixed button labels and keyboard display on Android 2.x devices
  • Added "Share" menu item for letting other people know what you are playing
  • Added "Help" menu item to the file selector
  • Added joystick skin with round dpad
  • Added more options under "Virtual Joystick Opacity"
  • Moved invisible and wireframe joystick settings to "Virtual Joystick Shape"
  • Made all "Help" menus point to the FAQ web site section
  • Fixed screenshots quality
  • Localized all NetPlay messages.

Relevant link: fMSX/Android (free, but with ads)
Relevant link: fMSX/Android Deluxe (€ 3,99, but without ads)