Giant MSX Music Pack 03-2013

Giant MSX Music Pack 03-2013

by Jorito on 12-05-2013, 17:03
Topic: Music
Tags: Worp3

WORP3, of MIDI PAC and Orbit fame, has released an update of his MSX Music Pack. Part of the MSX Music Pack was to test and improve the MIDI PAC, but WORP3 has made the pack available for all MSX users to enjoy. Also a handy tool for composers/rearrangers, the pack features a lot of MSX related music files, in mgs, mbm, kss, mod, xg etc. formats and contains a wildly varied collection of all kinds of MSX music. A few weeks back WORP3 added even more songs, the pack can be downloaded from the WORP3 website.

Relevant link: WORP3 website

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By Pac

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12-05-2013, 18:02

Fantastic! Big smile Did you already add the songs from MGSDRV works site too?.

By mesiasmsx

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12-05-2013, 21:42