HIDtest v3.0 released

HIDtest v3.0 released

by ro on 09-05-2019, 08:49
Topic: Software

HIDtest is the utility that lets you test a lot of Human Interface Devices (HID) that can be connected to the MSX. The 3.0 version has been released by MRC user FRS aka sd_snatcher, with many improvements.

The name was changed from JoyTest to HIDtest since it now tests much more human interface devices than just joysticks. Analogously, joylib is now a subset of HIDlib.

Here's the change log:

  • A huge overhaul of the code, with many optimizations and bug fixes
  • Created the backbone in HIDlib to support analog controllers
  • Added support for the following devices:
    • MSX-Paddle, with up to 5 digital buttons
    • Yamaha MMP-01
    • IBM-PC DA15 analog joystick, via adapter
    • Atari 2600's dual-paddles, via adapter
    • Arkanoid Vaus paddle
    • Sega Saturn digital joypad
    • Sega Saturn analog joypad (AKA 3D-pad)
    • Micomsoft XE-1AJ / XE-1AP and Sharp Cyberstick
  • Better light gun hit detection. It's now very hard to trick it and pass a false hit consistently. Also, the light gun disconnection is handled much quicker now.
  • Added support to handle two light pen ports
  • Fixed bugs in the detection of devices connected to the Megadrive multi-tap
  • When no devices are connected to the multi-tap, the screen now shows a reminder that only Megadrive controllers can be connected to the multi-tap.

The source code of HIDtest and HIDlib has also been released. FRS hopes this helps MSX programmers to easily code software with auto-detection and support many more unusual HID devices.

relevant link: FRS's MSX Tools.
submitted by: FRS | text: Ro/FRS| image: Hamlet

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  • HIDtest v3.0 released
  • HIDtest v3.0 released
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Comments (3)

By Danjovic

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12-05-2019, 03:03

Is there any info available on adapters for Atari Paddles and PC joysticks? Did such adapters turn such devices into standard msx padles (using timers kike 555s or 74121s)?

By Victor

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12-05-2019, 08:52

wooow!!! With the source codes!!

Great!! Thanks FRS!

By Danjovic

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13-05-2019, 06:06

Hi FRS, I have just found the information about the ATARI and PC adapters and they were on your webpage [1]. I have compared the assignment you did to the axis and buttons to my own adaptor project and by chance we have used the same pinout even crossed the side of the buttons, LOL!! That means that we follow different paths but used the same premises. The main difference is that I have used a CMOS timer chip CD4538 due to the high value of the Atari paddle potentiometer (1M). By the way, consider to use an HC123 in your project as the LS version has a limit of 100K for Rext (at least on the datasheet).

Regarding the PC adapter, I haven't designed my own yet but I would have used pint 2 DOWN for Y axis and pin 4 RIGHT for X axis and the the returned paddle values would be in accordance with the MSX coordinate system - (0;0) at top left, growing down and right.