HIDtest v3.2 and HIDlib v0.4 released

HIDtest v3.2 and HIDlib v0.4 released

by sd_snatcher on 27-12-2020, 16:16
Topic: Software

HIDtest is the utility lets you test a lot of Human Interface Devices that can be connected to the MSX (joysticks, mice, touchpads etc), either directly or by using adapters. It's Acid1Test & Acid2Test compliant, and supports hot plugging and auto-detection.

As a special Christmas gift, the version 3.2 of the HID tester and HIDlib v0.4 have just been released, with many optimisations and bug-fixes:

  • HIDtest/HIDlib: Implemented vertical scaling for the touchpad. HIDtest now shows both the raw Y value and the Y value scaled for the screen
  • HIDlib: Fixed some bugs in the Megadrive 6-button routine:
    • Proper reset of the joypad at the end
    • Joystick port selection fix
  • HIDlib: Minor optimizations on the mouse/trackball reader
  • Lightpen calibration now requires both the switch and touch to be pressed, not just the touch
  • Fixed a bug when parsing the /G parameter would cause it not to be recognized for the joystick port 2
  • Fixed a bug that cause screen corruption on MM and many other programs after HIDTEST was run (tks @gdx for reporting!)
  • Better light-pen port detection
  • The 2nd light-pen port is now initialized on start, and reset on exit
  • The touchpad pressure is now shown
  • Added support for the light-pen on joystick port-2 (MSX2 only)
  • Added a compatibility mode for FM-Towns (hold button-B) and X68000 controllers (hold START). Miswired joysticks that connect the common pin to the GND can also be used as FM-Towns joypads

relevant link: FRS's MSX Tools.

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  • HIDtest v3.2 and HIDlib v0.4 released
  • HIDtest v3.2 and HIDlib v0.4 released

Comments (4)

By Pippo

Hero (521)

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28-12-2020, 09:59

Very good new release! Big smile
Many, many thanks, Snatcher! Smile

By rjp

Master (193)

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30-12-2020, 22:12

Wow, great news! Many thanks!

By Parn

Paladin (837)

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30-12-2020, 23:12

I'm looking forward testing this on my own machines once I get hold of a JoyMega (since the only compatible thing I have is an 8BitDo M30 controller). Maybe it will also work on my MultiCore 2+? Anyway, thank you very much for your effort and your continuous support! Big smile

By Pencioner

Scribe (1564)

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30-12-2020, 23:47

thanks, it is a really good testing tool!